Introducing Dana Communications Limited

Dana team

Introducing Dana Communications Limited

Hello, it is my strong belief that the success of any company lies in the capability to acquire a reputable reputation and always put its clients first.
Dana Courier Service is a young baby in the market which makes us much stronger because when a new company goes into the market it is fresh, caring and satisfying.The main reason for our being is to be able to benchmark and find out better ways to fulfill our duties to your satisfaction.

We at all times want to make sure we are not the boss, the client is not our boss but equal partners because we understand the importance of working together by sharing ideas with our clients to suit their specific needs and everyone goes home with a smiley face ready for the next tackle.

So far, our hard work is paying off as we have developed a very reputable company reputation and we continue to put some strategies into place to realize our vision to expand.

We are delighted to welcome you to grow with us and together we can walk the path of making sure that you accomplish your company’s objectives.
Thank you!

Nancy Amunga




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